Student Ombuds Services

Working Toward Cooperative Resolutions

Student Feedback

The Ombuds program showed me that students do have a voice on campus despite what may seem like a very bureaucratic system. The Ombuds coached me on how to effectively communicate with the other party that resulted in a outcome in my favor. Working with the Ombuds was a very positive experience that helped me stand up for myself in a peaceful way.
-Junior, Business major

Ombuds Services are all about solutions. They helped me resolved my problem with another student promptly and securely. With Ombuds Services, I finally felt like I had a voice. The staff was knowledgeable and caring. My case was heard without bias and confidentially. I knew I was in a safe place. The Ombuds helped me resolve my problem in weeks after I tried myself for months with no results. Next time this is where I will start.
-Junior, Architecture major

The Ombuds service really helped me to understand what I could do in my certain situation. They let me voice my complaints in a private and confidential fashion while at the same time I received excellent help and non-biased advice. Eventually, the service allowed me to settle my complaint in the best way possible and I was left feeling that I accomplished what I had set out to do.
-Freshman, History major

The University Ombuds was able to help me solve my course conflict even when I thought nothing could be done. The University Ombuds can advise you on how to tackle your issue discreetly or, if you choose, the Ombuds can informally inquire on your behalf. I still can’t believe that my issue was resolved.
-Senior, Wine and Viticulture major

I felt very comfortable and safe through the entire experience with Student Ombuds Services. Unlike any other entity on campus, I was able to share freely why I thought the situation I encountered was unfair and unjust without any judgment or pressure. I loved how it was clear from the start what the Ombuds could and could not do for me. Everything was very easy to understand. I was able to fix the situation that I felt was unfair with the help of Ombuds Services Initially, I felt like there was no one on campus who would understand my situation and do something about it, Ombuds proved to me that there is a place for students to go where their voice will be heard. I would recommend Ombuds Services to anyone who would like to fix a campus related the problem.
-Junior, Engineering and Liberal Studies major

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